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          Dehydrated ginger powder

           Dehydrated ginger

          1.Material:fresh ginger
           2. Partical Size:60-80mesh,80-100mesh,100-120mesh or as the customer demand
           3.Moisture: 6% max
           4.color:light yellow without artificial pigments
           5: Flavor: original pungent of ginger
           6:impurity: nothing
           7:Inner Packing: Aluminum Foil Bag or poly-bags
           8:Outer packing: cartons
           9:Storage:keep in cool and dry place
           10:shelf life: 360 days
           11 certificate: ISO9001,QS,ISO22000
          For all of other information in details please kindly contact us freely. We are the producer of dehydrated vegetables. Warmly welcome the customers of domestic and overseas come to our factory for business talk!